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He Turned A $5,000 Truck Into Something Really, Really Awesome

When people want to help the homeless they usually think of providing them with money or goods like food, water, and clothes. But what about their personal hygiene? It’s just as important. Soap, clean water, a safe washing facility – these are all things that many homeless people lack access to. This is where Jake Austin steps in.

He has been helping homeless people in St. Louis, Missouri for years now, but just recently came up with a brilliant idea: Austin bought an old truck from Craigslist for $5,000 and transformed it into a mobile shower unit called “Shower to the People”. The mobile shower on wheels contains two shower stalls and a long row of sinks and mirrors, plus volunteers give out free soap for people using the unit. Water is taken from fire hydrants and is warmed up with the help of an external generator.

“Good hygiene promotes health, fosters hope, and restores dignity to those who may have lost it.” – Austin explains.

15 Hilarious Pinterest Baby Photoshoot Fails

Pinterest is full of beautiful pictures that provide inspiration for people all over the world. But it's easy to forget the amount of hard work, good luck, digital wizardry and skill that goes into creating a perfect photograph, and only when you try to recreate them for yourself do you realize that, well, it isn't quite as easy as it seems.

Take a look at these baby photoshoots, for example. They look so simple, right? What could be so hard about getting a nice picture of your newborn kid lying on a rug or sleeping in a bowl of gumballs? Well, everything actually...