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  • 24 Of The Most Creative Cup And Mug Designs Ever

    For those of us who are addicted to our morning cups of coffee or tea, enjoying a steaming cup of something delicious in the morning can be a religious experience. If you feel as strongly about coffee or tea as I do, you will probably appreciate these 24 creative cup and mug designs. 1. Bathing […] More

  • Russian Artist Inserts Her Fat Cat Into Iconic Paintings. The Result Is Delicious…

    Meet Zarathustra… a fat cat who’s very fond of art. His creative owner, Svetlana Petrova, decided to entertain her big ginger feline’s interests by adding him to some iconic portraits and timeless masterpieces. Svetlana inherited Zarathustra from her late mother. The cat was much-loved and well-fed, so it was clear to Svetlana what to call […] More

  • Whatever You Do, NEVER Do These 27 Things To A Baby. You’ve Been Warned!

    Being a parent for the first time can be a frightening experience. Even if you have a big support system, the thought of being home, alone, with your baby can be terrifying. What if they get sick? Or hurt? Or won’t sleep? Luckily, authors Kelly and David Sopp have some advice for you. Their book, Safe […] More

  • He Turned A $5,000 Truck Into Something Really, Really Awesome


    When people want to help the homeless they usually think of providing them with money or goods like food, water, and clothes. But what about their personal hygiene? It’s just as important. Soap, clean water, a safe washing facility – these are all things that many homeless people lack access to. This is where Jake […] More

  • 15 Adorable Pictures Of Animals Kissing

    It turns out that people aren’t the only ones from the animal kingdom that plant kisses on one another. Birds bill, dogs lick, horses nuzzle and cats groom – animals like humans tend to exhibit kissing behavior as well. They instinctively display love, affection, peace, respect and friendship through direct physical contact among themselves and […] More

  • This is What 44 Running Baby Goats Looks Like

    It doesn’t get much cuter than this! After a day of grazing with the herd, 44 baby goats at Sunflower Farm get a little exercise as they chase after two girls who will probably never forget this moment. For those curious, the goats are raised and sold to qualifying families (in pairs) as pets or […] More

  • 15 Hilarious Pinterest Baby Photoshoot Fails


    Pinterest is full of beautiful pictures that provide inspiration for people all over the world. But it’s easy to forget the amount of hard work, good luck, digital wizardry and skill that goes into creating a perfect photograph, and only when you try to recreate them for yourself do you realize that, well, it isn’t […] More

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