22 Reasons Why Parents Shouldn’t Text

Some adults can have trouble understanding the finer points of modern communication. When they get lost in a confusing jungles of LOLs, WTFs and YOLOs, everybody wins.

The following text messages are a perfect example of what can happen when someone who doesn’t understand the workings of modern social network communication tries to engage in it anyway. Some aspects of the confusion are modern – like, for example, the extremely unfortunate use of LOL.

Others are simply a digital continuation of the age-old tradition of parents doing their best to embarrass their children.
funny-texts-from-parents-1 funny-texts-from-parents-2 funny-texts-from-parents-3 funny-texts-from-parents-5 funny-texts-from-parents-6 funny-texts-from-parents-9 funny-texts-from-parents-10 funny-texts-from-parents-17 funny-texts-from-parents-18 funny-texts-from-parents-19 funny-texts-from-parents-20 funny-texts-from-parents-21 funny-texts-from-parents-25 funny-texts-from-parents-26 funny-texts-from-parents-29 funny-texts-from-parents-30 funny-texts-from-parents-41 funny-texts-from-parents-42 funny-texts-from-parents-43 funny-texts-from-parents-44 funny-texts-from-parents-45 funny-texts-from-parents-46This made me laugh and remember that everyone is bound to make mistakes from time-to-time. It just seems adults and parents are especially prone to technological challenges.

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