10 Reasons Why Dogs in Photo Booths is the Best Idea Ever

Lynn Terry is a professional portrait photographer based out of St. Louis, Missouri. In addition to commercial projects and family portrait photography, Lynn has been working with animals for over a decade. Her favorite dogs are pit bulls, as Lynn tells the Huffington Post:

“I have a personal affinity for the breed. They are the underdog and I want to do what I can to change public opinion about the breed. They also make some of the best faces”

Reason #1

dogs-in-photo-booths-by-lynn-terry-1Reason #2

dogs-in-photo-booths-by-lynn-terry-2Reason #3

dogs-in-photo-booths-by-lynn-terry-3Reason #4

dogs-in-photo-booths-by-lynn-terry-4Reason #5

dogs-in-photo-booths-by-lynn-terry-5Reason #6

dogs-in-photo-booths-by-lynn-terry-6Reason #7

dogs-in-photo-booths-by-lynn-terry-7Reason #8

dogs-in-photo-booths-by-lynn-terry-8Reason #9

dogs-in-photo-booths-by-lynn-terry-9Reason #10

dogs-in-photo-booths-by-lynn-terry-10Lynn first came up with the idea of a photo booth series a few years back when she photographed two pit bulls named Tucker and Pitunia (image #10, above). She has continued the series ever since, much to the delight of animal lovers everywhere. To see more great portrait photography, be sure to check out Lynn at the links below.

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