This Little Girl Is Only 5, But She is Already A Famous Model Thanks To Her Dad Crazy 18th Century Idea

Bill Gekas is an Australian photographer with a particular liking for the artwork of the Old Masters, such as Vemeer and Rembrandt. He wanted to recreate their work through photography, but wasn’t sure of the best way to do it… until he got the crazy idea of letting his own five-year-old daughter be the subject.

At first, these look like beautiful, ultra-realistic paintings from a famous museum.


The modest garment and simple background suggests they’re were drawn hundreds of years ago.


But upon closer inspection, these are actually photographs.


They were taken by a man who loves recreating scenes from the 18th century.


But the real star is his young daughter, who happily poses for every shot.


She’s the most naturally elegant 6 year old in the world.


And she has no problem blending in to a completely different time.


Even this cat has a hard time outshining her wishful gaze.


Although he’s often busy with his work, Bill always reserves time for his little girl.


These fun, exciting photoshoots have quickly become the highlight of their week.

Some of the scenes create a mellow, almost morose feeling, with the girl staring blankly towards the camera.


Others are quite vibrant, with lively colors, creatures, and a sense of curiosity.


Just like the original paintings, these photos represent far more than can be seen on the surface.

There is no doubt, the portraits are striking…




But the real magic is the fun memories they share together, captured forever in these beautiful photos.

And just for a little kick, here’s his daughter as none other than the Joker.



Bill and his daughter have won numerous awards and they don’t plan on stopping soon.

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