Intricately Carved Ice Cubes Turn Glasses Of Whiskey Into Works Of Art

Japanese liquor company Suntory realizes that a photo of a glass of whiskey makes for boring marketing, so for their latest ad campaign, 3D on the Rocks, they’ve turned to tiny ice sculptures to sell their whiskey…

So, let me ask you a question: Would you like your whiskey served’neat’ or on the Statue of Liberty?

‘3D on the Rocks’ is the latest ad campaign from liquor company Suntory, in which they used a high precision carving machine to create intricate ice cube sculptures to go along with that glass of whiskey.


Each creation is the result of a time-consuming modeling process completed by a precision drill that carves the minute details to create intricate ice cube sculptures to along with that glass of whiskey.


Their beauty is fleeting, unfortunately, because after all of the careful work they were placed in a glass for immediate enjoyment.


 Some of the campaign’s designs included a great white shark, an astronaut, the Statue of Liberty, and Michaelango’s David.



Ideas were submitted by the public, and a few lucky participants had their work produced.


 The winners were invited to a secret bar in Tokyo where they partook of Suntory whiskey with some very special “rocks.”


It is just such a shame that after so much time and intricate details are put into place, these beautiful masterpieces simply melt away…


Whether or not these wonderful images help Suntory sell more liquor, let’s hope these “rocks” find their way into our local watering holes soon…

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