This Pit Bull’s Life Was Saved At Just The Right Time. Now, She’s Helping Other Dogs Start Life Anew

This dog is the ultimate survivor, giving back to other dogs who are in need, and giving them the love they need to start their lives over. Cher the pit bull is as adorable as she is inspirational!

Cher was saved from a kill shelter by a California organization and was then taken in as a foster dog.


Mia Anelli, the woman who took her in, thought that Cher would be just another foster dog, staying with her until she got adopted.


But then she saw how Cher interacted with other dogs.


Cher immediately began cuddling with the puppies and acted like she was their mother.


Though she had never had puppies of her own, it was clear that Cher was a natural.


After trying out a couple adoptive homes for her, Anelli ended up adopting Cher as her own in 2010.


Since then the pit bull has taken dozens of dogs under her wing.


She helps them to adjust to life in a new home and teaches them the importance of sharing…


…and generally prepares them for being adopted by a forever home.


Even the bigger dogs get guidance from Cher as they prepare for adoption.

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“I had no idea she would respond the way she did. Maybe it’s because she too is a rescue and she feels that connection or maybe it’s her way of being the mom she never was,” said Anelli.

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Regardless of the reason, Cher is an amazing caretaker for these dogs who are in desperate need of love and kindness.


If you think that pit bulls are aggressive and should stay away from other animals, you definitely haven’t met Cher!


These pups couldn’t ask for a better mother!


For more information on Mia Anelli’s organization, Insight Animal Rescue, check out her Facebook page here!

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