After A Little Boy Was Left Shivering In The Freezing Cold, I Didn’t Expect This To Happen

This experiment restored my faith in humanity.

An organization dedicated to helping children, SOS Barnebyer, held a social experiment in Oslo, Norway. They wanted to see just how people would react to a lone boy, shivering in the cold by himself. During a time in history when self-absorbed arrogance seems at an all-time high, this experiment show humanity in a much softer light. People’s reactions as they passed him by at a bus stop may surprise you.

A hidden camera was placed across the street, capturing every passer by’s reaction.


Without fail, people would stop and ask the shivering boy if he as all right.


Even if it took them a few seconds.


The boy would tell the strangers that he was alone, waiting to meet his classmates.


Even though most people would stop and think about what to do…


…their goodness would show. This woman hands the boy her scarf, wrapping him up.


Another man lets the child borrow his coat while he sits and waits with him.


Another young girl just hands over her gloves.


This girl, who seemed distracted at first, was so moved by the boy’s plight that she gave him her warm, fleece jacket.


Time and time again, people helped the boy.


The concern on their faces was obvious.


They didn’t know him, but they didn’t hesitate to help this child in need.


It’s hard not to smile after seeing just what strangers would do to help this boy.


Humanity’s fate doesn’t seem so bleak when you see things like this. More people have big, generous hearts than you think. Below is the full video with English subtitles.

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