Aisle or Window Seat? 10 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Ask For The Window Seat On An Airplane

When you purchase an airplane ticket, you’re generally asked if you’d like a window seat. There are plenty of reasons why you would say’yes,” including being able to avoid people bumping into you as they walk by you to go to the bathroom or being hit by the concession cart. Probably the most compelling reason is what you can see outside of the window. The world is a beautiful place and when viewed from up above, it’s even more breathtaking.

Don’t take my word on it, though; see for yourself.

1. You might see Chicago’s skyline reflected in Lake Michigan.


2. You could see a rainstorm like this off in the distance.


3. Because a solar eclipse at 44,000 ft is pretty cool.


4. And seeing the highest point in Africa will take your breath away


5. For the sunrises


6. And the sunsets


7. And waterfalls you’ll never see from the aisle

8. You could witness a forest fire


9. And finally understand why everyone thinks Norway is so beautiful


10. You could ride an endless sea of clouds


From sunrises and sunsets to landscapes, cityscapes and all kinds of cloud formations in between; there’s beauty out there as far as the eye can see.

Source: TwistedSifter via Huffington Post

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