These 2 Guys Just Interrupted A Street Singer In The Best Way Possible

A man was recording a soulful street singer outside a local grocery store when suddenly, a random stranger joins in. Surprisingly, he had a good voice, so the guitarist played along. That’s when a third man noticed the jam session, and added the cherry on top…

The first stranger begins at 1:00, and the second joins in at 1:45

Amazing jam session – Three random guys sing together

Note: I originally uploaded this in 2014 after finding the video on Facebook. I now make coding videos and help aspiring developers get their first jobs. If you’re interested in learning about web development, check out my other videos, otherwise enjoy this one!

No matter how hard we try to plan every detail of our life, the best moments are often the spontaneous ones. These guys dared to break from routine to join this complete stranger in song and they not only made their own days, but all of ours better too. I’m glad someone was there to film and share with us and invite you to share this with others, too.

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