8 Baby Firsts That Will Definitely Brighten Your Day

When you’re a baby, you are literally experiencing everything for the first time. None of us remember most of our firsts – unless they were captured via a picture or video, which was unlikely back in the day. However, these babies were unfortunate enough to have their firsts caught on camera. I doubt they’ll want their boyfriends and girlfriends seeing these videos when they get older. And remember, no matter where you’re from or how much money you have, we all experience these same emotions at some point or another. Enjoy!

1. First time seeing fireworks


2. First time playing with bubbles


3. First time seeing a recipe book

Baby Eats Magazine

4. First time using a spoon


5. First time trying to drink hose water


6. First time getting a present


7. First time experiencing TV


8. First time eating a lemon


Who doesn’t want to see more of those sour lemon/lime baby faces?

baby-lemon baby-lemon-3 baby-lemon-2 baby-lemon-4

Source: HopeShared

Bless these sweet, innocent little babies. They brightened my day, as I’m sure they did yours, and made me literally laugh out loud. Now, it’s your turn to share the joy with others!

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