7 of the Most Jaw-Dropping, Epicly Awesome Displays of Lightning Caught on Film.

With the magic of photography, what was once condensed to a mere fraction of a moment can now be frozen in time. The short instance a lighting bolt has for a life span, can now be witnessed in all it’s Epic Glory. Here’s 7 of the most awesome displays of lightning that we’ve ever seen:

1. Eyjafjallajökull Volcano, Iceland


On a Sunday in Iceland, Volcano Eyjafjallajökull burst through her ice caps and provided a light show for villagers down below of burning red magma and crackling white lightning as clouds of black ash covered the night sky. Photographer Sigurdur Hrafn Stefnisso took the time to snap some photos before getting to safety.

But how does this happen?

This kind of phenomena happens when a volcanic cloud and its convection current are carried up into higher than normal parts of the atmosphere, creating static with the surface of the planet (hence, the lightning). It’s what scientist call a “Dirty Thunderstorm.”

2. Statue of Liberty, New York City


Lady Liberty in all her oxidized beauty can sure conduct an orchestra!

Booming drums can be heard from her island podium, a symphony plays as the sound of light and atmosphere strike her flame as if to say, this is the start of the first measure. Each note vibrates down her copper curves ringing out like freedom. She woos bolts of music towards her fingertips, and as the night band plays her out, photographer Jay Fine captures the moment.

3. Ikaria, Greece


Well, go get your overhead lifters, four barrel quads, and burn down the quarter mile to watch Greece Lightning!… Storms that is.

This composite of over 70 different shots by Chris Kotsiopoulos shows the immensity of such an encompassing lighting storm as this, as it passes over the Greek island of Ikaria.

4.Grand Canyon, Arizona


Using long exposures, photographer Rolf Maeder managed to capture multiple lightning strikes crashing against the cliffs of The Grand Canyon.

The Canyon dances with each bolt back and forward, as they lock in an embrace. Only for mere moments does the heat build up between the two of them before she releases her grasp and lightning retreats, only to begin their Waltz again.

5.Eiffel Tower, Paris


The great French city of Love got a shocking surprise one day when Lightning wrapped its arms around The Eiffel Tower.

As the tower protrudes its glory out into the night sky, high above the rest of Paris, her stunning beauty is the first eye lightning catches a glimpse of as he makes his way down to the earth. Photographer Bertrand Kulik catches the lovers exchange as the fleeting embrace fades and both their live continue on.

6. The Bay Bridge, San Francisco


On a rainy night in San Francisco, California photographer Phil McGrew, took an amazing snap shot through his rain-soaked window of the apartment building he lives in. The veins just seem to dance across the bridge, making it’s nightly commute along with the rest of the city.

7. Puyehue Volcano, Chile


Although it looks like a scene from a movie, this apocalyptic vision of what most mortals would only recognize as the end of days, is a real photo captured by Francisco Negroni in Puyehue, Chile.

After a foreboding series of earthquakes the Puyehue volcano finally erupted, causing the 3,500 residents in the area to be evacuated out of the area and away from Satan’s hell hole in the sky. Thunder and fire crescendo down for an entire weekend, as demons shaded in the black ash and lightning descended upon the earth causing chaos in the abandoned cities below.


We are the beneficiaries of the fortunate timing these photographers enjoyed in capturing this amazing and elusive energy. I’m not embarrassed to admit that I enjoy the pictures much more than the actual lightening strikes we’ve all experienced. Mother Nature can be awesome…and terrifying.

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