When Bears Appear To Be Doing Human Things… I Particulalry Enjoyed The Bear Instagram Post

We love to project human actions or thoughts onto animals, and it can be done with almost any animal – even bears. We found 31 pictures of very expressive bears that look like they could be thinking or doing some of the things that we do every day.

Contrary to how they are often portrayed in movies and other forms of entertainment media, bears are rarely aggressive. A bear encountered in the wild will often be just as afraid of the human as the human might be of the bear. In addition, they are quite social animals. With the exception of polar bears, which are solitary animals, bears are fairly social and intelligent, maintaining close social ties and family structures. That’s why so many of these pictures involve bears interacting with each other.

Of course, the captions we wrote for these images have nothing to do with what the bears are actually doing but, as in our smiling animals post, it’s always fun to pretend 🙂



You gonna help us or just stand there?

funny-bears-doing-human-things-2Well, hello there ladies…

funny-bears-doing-human-things-3Hmmm…let’s see how my stocks are doing today.


Where’s the cake?

funny-bears-doing-human-things-5I should probably buy a jet ski…

funny-bears-doing-human-things-6Best. Decision. Ever!


Faster, dude! Faster!

funny-bears-doing-human-things-8They definitely can’t see me now

funny-bears-doing-human-things-9Now, all I need is a TV…

funny-bears-doing-human-things-10Shakesbear: to bear or not to bear?

funny-bears-doing-human-things-11Just having a drink with the guys after work

funny-bears-doing-human-things-12I regret nothing!

funny-bears-doing-human-things-13Well, she clearly likes me…

funny-bears-doing-human-things-14I’m skipping kindergarten today!

funny-bears-doing-human-things-15I said no photos today!

funny-bears-doing-human-things-16Wow…is it noon already?

funny-bears-doing-human-things-17OMG your boots are PRECIOUS!

funny-bears-doing-human-things-18I bet you can’t do this without 4 years of yoga practice

funny-bears-doing-human-things-19Oh, please…

funny-bears-doing-human-things-20Look at all this fish. It’s all mine! All mine!

funny-bears-doing-human-things-21So, you skipping classes too?

funny-bears-doing-human-things-22What do I have to do to get a beer around here?

funny-bears-doing-human-things-23You gonna help me push or just stand there and take pictures?

funny-bears-doing-human-things-24Worst. Pool. Ever.

funny-bears-doing-human-things-25I’m sexy and I know it.

funny-bears-doing-human-things-26You must be this tall to go for a dive, son.

funny-bears-doing-human-things-27Just me in Alaska #beautiful #eyes #nomakeup #nofilter

funny-bears-doing-human-things-28Easy, lemme fix this


funny-bears-doing-human-things-30Taking a moment to reflect this weekend


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