What This Photographer Captured Is Extremely Rare. You’ll Probably Never See It Again

Nature photographer Lassi Rautiainen discovered something in the wilds of Finland that’s both touching and surprising. He found a young, lone wolf. That wolf, though, wasn’t really alone. He just chose not to pal around with a pack… because he had a bigger, stronger friend.

For 10 days straight, Lassi witnessed something amazing. A young bear and wolf would meet and spend time together.


They would just hang out in the evenings…

wild-bff2But they would also share their kills. wild-bff3For predators, especially of different species, that is highly unusual.

However, they were right at home with each other. They trusted each other completely.
wild-bff5There was something about the young wolf that even other bears didn’t mind.

(H/T Daily Mail)
It’s very unusual to see a bear and wolf become friends like this. No one is sure how or why these two bonded in the way that they did. It’s possible that the two met when they were feeling young and insecure, so they hunted together to survive. Regardless of the reason, we love these wild best friends. Share their wild friendship with others.

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