These Incredible Photos Highlight The Beauty Of Black Dogs Often Overlooked During Adoption

Photographer Fred Levy, a Massachusetts-based photographer, may have found his most photogenic subjects yet. Levy realized that black dogs are often overlooked when people are browsing around adoption centers looking for the perfect pup.

It seems that people prefer dogs with lighter coats over those with darker coats. After his realization, Levy decided to conduct an awesome photo-based project that exposes the beauty of black dogs, despite the fact that they’re not chosen as often as the others up for adoption.
tumblr_n0ar0s10QH1trguaeo1_1280 tumblr_n24ybd2QMO1trguaeo1_1280According to the Huffington Post, Levy has yet to find concrete statistics supporting his suspicion, but people who work in the pet industry say black dogs are often treated differently than others.

tumblr_n0aspjkBOg1trguaeo1_1280The phenomenon is commonly referred to as “Black Dog Syndrome” or “Black Dog Bias,” a stereotype against dark-colored animals possibly ingrained in people through depictions in movies and books, according to experts.
tumblr_n0at3kHED61trguaeo1_1280 tumblr_n09xcivJmM1trguaeo1_1280
There is an abundance of anecdotal evidence from shelter workers that black dogs are routinely ignored, and, as a result, more of them are euthanized due to a shortage of space at shelters, according to USA Today.
tumblr_n0asfyeRnI1trguaeo1_1280 tumblr_n0as9vT4HQ1trguaeo1_1280“I want to bring awareness to this issue and remind people who are searching for the perfect dog that black dogs have great personalities too,” says Levy.
tumblr_n24yoirTBM1trguaeo1_1280 tumblr_n24yre00T71trguaeo1_1280“Through doing this project, I’ve found that it’s really important to share the idea that there are always so many dogs in need of a good safe home, regardless of what the dog looks like,” Levy told HuffPost.
tumblr_n24z1mmwJB1trguaeo1_1280 tumblr_n266vw2bLe1trguaeo1_1280“Maybe someone will see this and consider the gravity of owning a pet, no matter what color it is.”

tumblr_n2670r2rq41trguaeo1_1280Check out Fred Levy‘s awesome photo series titled the “Black Dogs Project.” And, be sure to share this valuable story with others.

Black Dogs Project via HuffPost

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