Incredible Portraits Of Boston Marathon Survivors With Messages Of Healing And Hope To The World

This is the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing. It was a tragic time last year when this bombing occurred. Many individuals lost their lives and many lost their limbs. Despite the awful memories, survivors returned to the scene of the bombing with uplifting messages written on their skin. These photos are taken by Robert X. Fogarty, the photographer of Dear World, which is a photography project that sends a on-skin messages to others, prepared these images:


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Here’s a video of the Dear World Project, which features some of the survivors:

Dear World, a love letter from Boston marathon bombing survivors.

Dear Survivors, When we asked you to return to the finish line, a place that changed your lives, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. You told us some days are harder than others, but that it’s okay to have bad days. Mostly, you told us about the goodness of others.


To learn more, visit this article on the Huffington Post or you can read more about each survivor and their story while viewing more photos from the shoot at Dear World.

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