Here Are 32 Times Cats Were Complete And Utter JERKS. But I Laughed So Hard

Why are cat videos always so funny? I can watch videos of them running into walls, or learning how to swim for hours, but I always wonder why I don’t see as many dog videos as well. Well, after checking these out, now I know why.


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83715712 83715711 83715710 83715709 83715708 83715707 83715706 83715705 83715704 83715703 83715702 83715700 83715699 83715698 83715697 83715696 83715695 83715694 83715693 83715692 83715691 83715690 83715689 83715688last

(H/T: eBaum’s World)

Seriously, why are jerky cats even funnier?! I seriously can’t take this smile off my face.

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