This Is A Moment That Would Make Your Heart Stop. Watch What This Cheetah Does.

While on safari in Tanzania, Australian photographer Bobby-Jo Clow had a cheetah encounter that made wildlife enthusiasts jealous the world over. Even if you’re not a lover of big cats, her recent encounter will still intrigue you. A curious juvenile cheetah and his sibling spotted the Land Rovers rolling through their home, so they decided to do something incredible.

During the safari, a friendly cheetah popped his head in to say hello.
He was fairly young, and curious as a newly born kitten.
He and his sibling were really interested in the photographer and her friends.
3-cheetah-friend3Cheetahs are one of the few big cats that can actually purr, but few get close enough to hear it themselves.
“Oh, hi there!” Cheetahs also don’t roar like lions or tigers, they have a variety of other vocalizations they use.
5-cheetah-friend5He dangled his paws in front of her face, gave everyone a curious sniff and was happy to be the subject of some pretty spectacular photos.
6-cheetah-friend6It would have been hard NOT to reach up and give this cuddly cub a tummy rub.
However, it’s good they stayed in their cars, cheetahs are still wild creatures and their momma was nearby.8-cheetah-friend8But man, are they CUTE.

Cheetahs are graceful big cats that can reach speeds up to 70mph. Although they typically live alone, cheetahs can be found in groups if they are part of young families, or are young males. Cheetahs are typically pretty shy, so the photographers were lucky to get so close to these wild juveniles.

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