So, A Guy Took Some Colored Pencils And Some Glue. What He Created Is So Cool.

Some might think that Peter Brown is a bit of a computer geek at his day job, but we think he is a creative genius because of the work he does on the side. His passion is working with wood, metal and other materials to create some truly spectacular pieces. Everything he makes is custom and exquisitely hand-made.

One of the most memorable pieces he has ever created was made from some simple colored pencils you’d find at the dollar store and glue.

He bought a pack of colored pencils.


Arranged them how he wanted…


Then, he glued them together.


Next, he drilled a hole in the glued pencils, making the ring.


He roughly cut around the ring to get rid of the excess wood.


Using a lathe, he began cutting and smoothing away the outside of the ring.


There were a few different steps to this process.


Sanding and polishing were some of the most important.


Nearly done…


Then, he added lacquer to give the ring a nice, glossy coat.


How can a pile of pencils turn into something this cool?


Peter’s stuff is truly unique.


Who wouldn’t pay to wear a ring like this?


Check out how he makes this awesome piece of art:

Colored Pencil Ring

I turn a ring from a box of colored pencils. 12 pencils glued into a blank an then turned on the lathe. The outcome is striking! Finished with spray lacquer. Please like and share! Facebook: Twitter: ShopTime Blog: Pinterest:

If you’d like a colored pencil ring of your own or other custom wood products, visit Peter’s shop on Etsy. When it comes to woodworking, he is a creative master.

Source: Peter Brown via Twenty Two Words

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