15 Reasons Why @CrapTaxidermy Is The Most Horrifying Account On Twitter

I can’t say I understand all the reasons people have animals stuffed when they die, but I can assure you that not every taxidermist is good at it. In fact, some are downright horrible and there exists in this world some seriously horrifying(ly hilarious) creations because of that fact.

And the Twitter account bringing these horrible efforts gone bad to the interwebz is aptly named: @CrapTaxidermy. When contacted for additional information, the account owner replied: “My name is Nish and I live in a forest with good 3G coverage.”

Really that’s all you need to know. Oh, and the hilarious captions that accompany every picture of taxidermy gone wrong. Feast your eyes upon these beauties.  Inevitable nightmares come free of cost.


combined-crap-taxidermy-3 combined-crap-taxidermy-4 combined-crap-taxidermy-5

I am of the personal opinion that taxidermy is really creepy.  Stuffing a dead body and putting it on display?  Is that even sanitary?  And even if it is sanitary, why do it? Well, whatever the reason, we applaud the awesome work @CrapTaxidermy is doing to bring out the humor when taxidermy turns into the stuff of nightmares.

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