What This Girl Did With A Box Of Crayons Is Amazing. It Must’ve Taken Forever… But So Worth It.

Sculpture is an impressive form of visual art. It’s a common belief that the biggest or the busiest sculptures are the best. However, that’s not necessarily true. Small, or even tiny, sculptures can be just as impressive. For example, Seattle-based artist Diem Chau is obsessed with tiny things and her micro sculptures are so impressive, all because of their size.


Diem carves these sculptures into a medium we’re all familiar with: a favorite childhood toy.
cool-miniature-marvels-carved-crayons-pencil-wideEach little crayon was carved into an animal or letter.
cool-miniature-marvels-carved-crayons-pencil-foxHer talent is spectacular and her patience is infinite.

Each letter of the alphabet represents something.
cool-miniature-marvels-carved-crayons-pencil-lettersThe details are incredible.
cool-miniature-marvels-carved-crayons-pencil-blueA close-up of the adorable O is for Otter.
The turtle perfectly captures a skyward-facing turtle in the wax of a crayon.

cool-miniature-marvels-carved-crayons-pencil-turtlecool-miniature-marvels-carved-crayons-pencil-batBONUS: She doesn’t just carve crayons.
cool-miniature-marvels-carved-pen-pencilThese are some of the carvings she made on the graphite tip of a pencil.
cool-miniature-marvels-carved-crayonsThey, too, are stunning.

Which is your favorite crayon carving? There are almost too many to choose from. To see more of Diem’s miraculous and tiny works, visit her website, blog or Flickr account.

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