Creative Father Makes Crazy Photo Manipulations With His Three Daughters

John Wilhelm is a 44-year-old IT Director at a Swiss university with a passion for photography and digital art.  Some of his most wonderfully creative photo manipulations are of his girlfriend Judith and their three young daughters – Lou (5.5 years), Mila (2.8 years) and Yuna (6 months).

Although the photographs look like much fun, we all know that getting children to work with a photographer can sometimes be difficult. “I guess if you have a healthy emotional connection to your kids they can feel if something is really important for you and then they cooperate (and if they don’t there are still sweets and candies),” John mentioned.

Scroll down and check out some of these incredibly awesome photographs that John took of his daughters. I only wish I had half of his creativity!


creative-dad-children-photo-manipulations-john-wilhelm-8  creative-dad-children-photo-manipulations-john-wilhelm-6 creative-dad-children-photo-manipulations-john-wilhelm-4
creative-dad-children-photo-manipulations-john-wilhelm-14 creative-dad-children-photo-manipulations-john-wilhelm-19 creative-dad-children-photo-manipulations-john-wilhelm-7
creative-dad-children-photo-manipulations-john-wilhelm-18 creative-dad-children-photo-manipulations-john-wilhelm-11 creative-dad-children-photo-manipulations-john-wilhelm-13 creative-dad-children-photo-manipulations-john-wilhelm-3 creative-dad-children-photo-manipulations-john-wilhelm-2 creative-dad-children-photo-manipulations-john-wilhelm-5 creative-dad-children-photo-manipulations-john-wilhelm-9 creative-dad-children-photo-manipulations-john-wilhelm-21

John‘s photos are surreal and eclectic. “I guess I watched just a little too much TV and played too many video games when I was a kid,” he said, explaining his many sources of inspiration.

“Most of my images are heavily manipulated but not all of them are compositions. If an image works straight out of the camera I just improve it (beauty retouching, cleanup, level corrections, sharpening, colors and tones, emphasize light, etc.). What I really love is to bring different images together to create something completely new,” John said, explaining his manipulation techniques.


To see more of John Wilhelm’s work, visit here, his website or his Facebook!

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