Pets in Onesies: 24 Awwkward Pictures of Animals in Pajamas

Made for young babies, onesies are a blessing in disguise for moms and dads. But when they’re put on animals…well, they look downright silly. But it’s undeniably one of the cutest things ever. If you’re having a bad day, then check out these adorable animals snuggled up in their favorite jammies. If at least a few of these don’t make your smile, then I’m really just not sure what in the world will! mad-cat-themetapic-620x

pug-620x skunk-620x puppy-620x
horse-620x puppy-2-620x kitty-620x
sloth-620x goat-620x pug-life-620x oqXF596 enhanced-buzz-14149-1386252854-30 cat-2-620x froggy-620x corgi-2-620x cat-620x frenchie-620x enhanced-buzz-12037-1386253018-9 a-joey-620x cat-3-620x bunny-620x corgi-620x anigif_enhanced-buzz-24176-1386256737-17 anigif_enhanced-buzz-10372-1386256862-14 Source

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