Adorable Baby Wakes Up Just In Time For The Bass To Drop

We all know babies are cute. I mean, how could they not be with their chubby little cheeks and adorable giggles? As parents, we know that are our kids are going to some crazy things. However, most of us would never expect our baby to wake up from what seems like a pretty darn deep sleep to live it up. That’s exactly what this baby did. All she needed was her glow sticks…

What started as a typical drive for one family quickly turned into the cutest dance party ever recorded.


Here she is fast asleep while her sisters have some pre-bass drop fun.


Wait for it…DANCE PARTY!!!!!


Watch out, parents. These girls already live by the “eat, sleep, rave, repeat” motto.


Here’s the video so you can see the girls in action with the beat!

EDM Babies Dancing

EDM Babies Dancing

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