Disney And Pixar Have Been Hiding a Secret Right In Front Of Our Faces. Here’s Proof.

There’s a mysterious code that appears in not just one, but nearly every Pixar movie ever made. You have probably seen it time and time again without ever realizing it. The hidden message is everywhere.

Don’t believe it? An online movie enthusiast was scouring through these movies to find examples and came up with plenty from both Pixar and Disney movies. The hidden message is everywhere.

You can see it in “Toy Story” on the license plate of the Pizza Planet truck.

01-UdV16TgIt appeared again on a box in “A Bug’s Life,” but perhaps it was just a strange coincidence.

02-YZg38VbIn “Finding Nemo,” it was on the diver’s camera. You may say something fishy was going on here.

03-2TQX1HNThis mysterious code was also the coordinates for Mr. Incredible’s cell in “The Incredibles.”

04-H5hAVZUYou can see it twice in “Cars”: once on a train…

05-1H9eNfG…and here it is again on Mater’s license plate.

06-ARlchy3It was on a tag on one of the rats in “Ratatouille.”

07-XItscuQAnd in “Wall-E,” it was the code signaling everyone to evacuate planet Earth.

08-8PpHAj2You were probably too busy crying to notice it, but it was also the courtroom number in “Up!”.

09-skcrzDiYou could spot it on a plane…

10-QNrw9D1…on a screen…11-pFAYBE…and again on Mater’s license plate in “Cars 2.”

12-CHHf2b6This was a tricky one. Only the sharpest of eyes could see it in Roman numerals above a doorway in “Brave.”

13-bDGxK7uIt was on a door in “Monsters University.”

14-voAg30XBut strangely, it also showed up in non-Pixar movies, such as “Lilo and Stitch.”

15-wzcgvNnHere it is in “The Iron Giant.”16-qfpP1wIIt’s coming right for you in “The Princess and the Frog.”

17-DC6pkHMIt’s easy to find it in “The Brave Little Toaster.”

18-rohu2wDAnd what do you know, you can even see it in “The Avengers.”

22-W2CmVJJNot only once, but twice!

23-0p6oX50It’s not just movies””it also makes appearances in TV shows such as “American Dad.”

19-QlVrlIaAnd it’s been spotted in “The Simpsons” more than once.

20-oUWsoUX21-FMw0vSQSo what exactly is this A113 thing? A conspiracy? A secret code? A hidden message? Nah, it was the classroom where many of the animators at Pixar, Disney, and several other studios discovered and mastered their craft.


A113 refers to a classroom number at the California Institute of Arts. This room was used for first year graphic design and character animation, where many of the animators at Pixar and Disney (and other studios) were taught. By putting “A113″³ somewhere in the film, these animators are able to give a nod to the other people doing what they do. And that’s awesome.

Try to find the numbers in the next animated movie you watch. Chances are, you will. Share this neat hidden message with others.

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