The Story Of A Dog’s Last Day On Earth Is Beautiful And Utterly Heartbreaking

Dukey, a three-legged black Labrador retriever from Houston “traveled over the rainbow bridge” last week. As his owner, Jordan Roberts, prepared to say goodbye to her beloved pet, she asked her friend, photographer Robyn Arouty, to take on a special project: documenting Dukey’s final day on Earth before being put to sleep.

Arouty, an animal lover, agreed and snapped pictures of Duke eating hamburgers, running happily at a water playground, and spending time with Roberts and family friends including Dukey’s groomer. The story has gone viral, touching hearts all over the world.

This is Dukey’s story…


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And here’s Dukey’s adoption video from three years ago.


Dogs are too good for the world, which is why we only get them for a little while. Share this incredible story with family and friends.

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