Frostie The Adorable Baby Goat Takes First Steps With A Tiny Cart

When Edgar’s Mission discovered Frostie, he was a sweet little baby snow goat that just cried out for his mama. He was severely dehydrated, infested with lice and couldn’t walk. He was unable to use his hind legs because he was born with a life-threatening condition called joint navel ill.

Joint navel ill is a disease that is seen in very young calves and kid goats. It’s caused from an infection that enters the body via the umbilical cord. For Frostie, this meant the bacteria settled in his hind limbs… and they became so painful, he couldn’t use them.

Instead of giving up on Frostie, Edgar’s Mission rushed to help him.

They gave him food and water, rid him of his lice…
frostie-snow-goat-wheelchair-edgars-mission-2Then they gave him antibiotics and medication for pain.
frostie-snow-goat-wheelchair-edgars-mission-3Before, his limbs were filled with pus. They were hot, swollen and painful.
Now, Frostie is fighting against his condition.
frostie-snow-goat-wheelchair-edgars-mission-5They’re encouraging him to move with the help of a special leg cart so that the toxins can be flushed out of his system.
frostie-snow-goat-wheelchair-edgars-mission-7A piglet at the sanctuary, Leon Trotsky, let Frostie borrow his adorable custom cart.
Edgar’s Mission helps give animals like Frostie a second chance at life, when the odds are stacked against them.
frostie-snow-goat-wheelchair-edgars-mission-9We couldn’t be more thankful for their hard work.
Frostie is a fighter. To see him use his adorable wheelchair with one of his caregivers, watch the video below. His tiny bleats will melt your heart. It seems impossible that  they are able to stop cuddling this adorable goat kid long enough to help him walk (he’s that cute).

[vimeo id=”95834056″]

Thank you to Edgar’s Mission and other rescues that give animals a fighting chance. Without these organizations, babies like Frostie would be doomed to a short, painful life. Frostie’s journey is both adorable and inspirational… so share it.

Source: Edgar’s Mission

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