This Little Girl Seeing Rain For The First Time Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

When you’re young most experiences are new and exciting, even rain. While most of us can agree being caught in the rain is just an an inconvenience, particularly when you’re soaking wet. But not for this adorable young girl who seems not only happy, but is completely overwhelmed with excitement.

Kayden looks shocked as she feels rain for the first time outside her California home.


Kayden turns to the camera and says’wow’ as she sees her first rain shower.


Kayden holds her hands out and tries to catch the falling rain drops.


Kayden laughs and holds her hands out for her very first rain experience.


Kayden beams as she feels the cool rain on her skin.


There’s no one happier than this little girl at this very moment!


The adorable video, which is below, was filmed by Nicole Byon who posted it to her Vimeo page.

Kayden + Rain

For licensing/usage please contact [email protected] Kayden’s first time experiencing rain ^__^


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