What This Little Girls Parents Are Doing For Her Is Beautiful. But The Reason Why Made Me Cry.

Molly Bent isn’t your normal 6 year-old girl. She knows that one day, she will be blind.

She has a rare genetic condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa, which is a form of retinal dystrophy and is caused by abnormalities of the photoreceptors or the retinal pigment epithelium. Her parents Chris and Eve want to make the most of Molly’s time left with sight, so they are helping her with a bucket list that’ll touch your heart.

Here’s Molly:


Molly was born with perfect sight, but within the last year she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa.


She and her parents came up with a “bucket list” of things she wants to see before it’s too late.


Now they are desperately trying to complete that list.


Molly is a bright little girl and asks her parents lots of questions about her condition.


She also has a long list of places she’d love to see, even if her parents aren’t sure if they can ever afford it.

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Eve’s brother has the incurable disease as well, but was shocked when Molly was diagnosed. She believed at one point it couldn’t be passed on to girls.


Now, the Bent family is trying to raise money for Molly, so she can see everything in the world she wants to.

Molly has been to the zoo, the butterfly house, museums and more.

Charlotte and Samuel, Molly’s younger siblings, now get tested often for the same disease, just in case they have it as well.


As she loses her sight, Molly will learn white stick training and to read Braille, to make the transition easier.


But for now, her parents just want to help her make memories she can cherish.


It’s uncertain when exactly Molly will lose her sight, but the disease seems to be progressing fairly quickly.

But she won’t lose her sight before making amazing memories. Her parents will see to that.

What Molly wants to see isn’t that complicated. She just wants to live like a normal little girl and see the world. She won’t be able to do that when she is a teenager or an adult. This is her list so far:

See the Queen’s Palace
Natural History Museum
Safari park
Theatre trips
Football match


If you would like to help Molly and her family make wonderful memories before this little girl loses her sight, donate what you can on her fundraising page. It’s not fair that so much can be taken away from an innocent little girl.

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