Here Are 19 Things You Had No Idea Your Microwave Could Do. Life Just Got A Lot Better

Many people have a microwave in their home, and most of those people use it every day. Odds are, though, they’re just using it to heat up day-old pizza or frozen dinners. Here are some pretty nifty microwave hacks that you can use to make your life easier. You can thank us later.

1.  Cutting onions just got easier


2.  Remove postage stamps from envelopes

microwave23.  Make nasty brown sugar nice again

microwave34.  In case you need to clean a disgusting microwave


5.  How to cook fish in a microwave

microwave66.  Dry herbs in the microwave

microwave77. Fix your old honey this way


8.  A good way to get a hot compress FAST

microwave99.  Get more juice out of citrus

microwave1010. Figure out if your containers are safe for the microwave

microwave1111.  Keep your bread nice and moist

microwave1212.  Peel garlic super quick

microwave1313.  Peel these foods like a champ

microwave1414.  Poached eggs without all the’cooking.’

microwave1515.  Don’t want to soak beans overnight?

microwave1616.  Never have to throw away stale bread again

microwave1717.  Cook certain foods in the microwave without explosions

microwave1818.  Eat potato chips…forever

microwave1919. Toasting nuts and spices in a fraction of the time


Microwaves aren’t just for re-heating food items that are bad for you. They can help you legitimately cook, clean and generally improve your life. Just make sure to avoid putting aluminum foil in them. That never ends well.

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