Use These 19 Genius Cleaning Hacks This Spring. I Can’t Believe I Never Thought Of #13 Til Now.

For many people, the weather is finally becoming bright and sunny after a long winter. That usually leads to a round or two of spring cleaning. Instead of suffering through your normal cleaning methods this year, try some of this simple cleaning hacks that we found.

You won’t believe how easy some of these suggestions are.

1. Use a dustpan to help fill a mop bucket.


2. Use Coke to clean your toilet, no matter how disgusting that seems.


3. Use lemons to remove water stains.


4. Dryer sheets can help remove buildup on glass doors.


5. Tension rods can keep cabinets tidy.


6. Have an annoying spot? Anywhere? Staining? Use one of these.


7. A normal window squeegee can help remove hair from carpet.


8. Coarse salt can help you clean cast iron.


9. Putting a towel on the end of a broom can help you clean high, hard to reach places.


10. Coffee filters can be used to help clean oven screens.


11. Toothbrushes and Q-tips are your dirty keyboard’s best friend.


12. The tracks on your doors or windows can be cleaned with vinegar.


13. Your fridge will thank you for the Lazy Susan.


14. Empty egg cartons can be used to help prevent spillage of condiments.


15. Fold and stack vertically, not horizontally.


16. This is how you fold a fitted sheet.


17. Using a razor can help you remove lint.


18. Vacuum seal your bulky winter clothes to save on space.


19. Get rid of clothes you won’t wear anymore with the hanger trick. Hang your clothes so that the hangers are backwards. When you use them, put them on the rack the right way. Then you can see what clothes you don’t wear.



May your spring cleaning tasks now be a little easier with the help of these hacks. There’s no guarantee, though, that it will be fun. It will still be cleaning after all, but maybe you’ll impress your spouse or sibling with these awesome tricks.

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