Ancient Body-Art Is Giving Women Who Survived Life’s Most Brutal Battle A New Sense Of Self Love

A wonderful organization called Henna Heals offers cancer patients a new sense of beauty and self-love through henna.

For many cancer patients, hair loss is a dispiriting reality due to chemotherapy treatments.

Luckily, there are multiple ways for people to accommodate for the unfortunate side effect.
hennacrown-2-620xThanks to Henna Heals, one alternative for cancer patients to explore is getting henna tattoos on their bare heads.
hennacrown-3-620x hennacrown-4-620x
Unlike a normal tattoo, henna does not pierce the skin, there are no needles involved, and it isn’t permanent.
hennacrown-5-620x hennacrown-6-620xHowever, it will last a few weeks and can’t just be washed out like a temporary tattoo.
With Henna Heals, the henna paste used in every case is homemade with 100% all-natural ingredients.
hennacrown-9-620xhennacrown-10-620xThe organization works with an expert global community of henna artists who apply intricate designs atop the client’s head.
hennacrown-11-620x hennacrown-12-620xEach individual is paired with a local artist who works on the design and application.
hennacrown-13-620x hennacrown-14-620x hennacrown-15-620xIn the end, each person is given a “henna crown” to wear with pride on her bare head.
hennacrown-16-620x hennacrown-17-620xCanadian founder Frances Darwin says, “For cancer patients, the henna crowns really are a healing experience. This is all about them reclaiming a part of themselves that would normally be perceived as ill or damaged or not nice to look at and making it more feminine and beautiful.”

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See many more people who have been empowered by gorgeous henna crowns on Henna Heals’ website, here. You can also stay updated on the organization’s activity and latest feature through its Facebook page.

Share this amazing organization’s work with your friends and family. You never know who it might help.

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