23 Hilariously Derpy Animals – The First One…WUT?

Many of us tend to put animals on a pedestal, admiring them for their effortless grace and beauty and what seems like a certain purity of spirit. However, they are just as prone to mistakes and moments of uncharacteristic stupidity as we are, as this list of 22 herp-derp animals will illustrate.

Herp and derp are expressions the internet likes to use to describe the expressions of animals and people who look, to put it lightly, half-baked. Granted, most of these animals are probably simply shaking their heads or panting, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t like to project our own understanding of facial expressions onto them. We try not to go around every day making expressions like these, and neither do these animals, but when it comes to photo cameras, they are bound to capture a split-second or two in which you are not quite as photogenic as usual…when we can all be a little’derpy’.


funny-derp-animals-32 funny-derpy-animals-1 funny-derpy-animals-2
funny-derpy-animals-5 funny-derpy-animals-6 funny-derpy-animals-9
funny-derpy-animals-10 funny-derpy-animals-12 funny-derpy-animals-13 funny-derpy-animals-15 funny-derpy-animals-21 funny-derpy-animals-24 funny-derpy-animals-27 funny-derpy-animals-29 funny-derpy-animals-31 funny-derpy-animals-33 funny-derpy-animals-34 funny-derpy-animals-40 funny-derpy-animals-51 funny-derpy-animals-56 funny-derpy-animals-57 For more animal expressions, by the way, you should definitely check out our smile-inducing happy animals post! And, be sure to share these lovable animals with friends.

Source: tumblr.com

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