Next Time You See A Homeless Person With A Dog, Just Remember This

When you see a homeless person and their pet, don’t judge. It’s not an irresponsible choice, like many people believe.

What you’re seeing is heartwarming love and companionship. Photographer Norah Levine and producer Gabrielle Amster worked together to show the world the bond that homeless people have with their pets.

These people on the streets rely on their pets for companionship, protection, and for love. The selfless love that the project Lifelines highlights is so moving to see. Take a look for yourself.

Lynn and Charlie

Maggie and Eric with Dixie and Reptar
Jessika and Josh with Kendra and Malinko (dogs) and Maya, Fiona, and Garfield (cats)
Rose and Junior

Connor and Super Max
Jedd and Alice
Courtney and Calvin with Odie and 2 Sox

Jeremy with Jynx
Bradley with Ellie
Sam with Mimi
Chuck with Baby Girl
Denise and Chaser
Pops and Wednesday
This photo series is touching, but watch the video below to get the full, heartwarming effect of this project:

[vimeo id=”45514541″]
Source: Lifelines

There are times when these people could spend their money on themselves, but instead they choose to give it to their animal companions to keep them well fed and safe. It’s a selfless, touching exchange. To learn more, visit Lifelines. All of the profits from this project will benefit the Animal Trustees of Austin’s 4PAWS Program.

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