What This Guy Made From Scratch Is Simply Unbelievable. And How He Made It? Even Better.

A 2014 Porsche Boxster starts at $50,400. Don’t have that kind of scratch? If you have some spare tubing, cardboard and creativity, you might be able to make the next best thing.

An incredibly creative Austrian by the name of Johannes Langeder wanted a Porsche… so he found a way. He decided to make his dream car when he realized he couldn’t buy one. It took six months and 1,000 hours in total work time to complete this project. The labor of love was so worth it.

Johannes Langeder’s creation started with cardboard.


He slowly added plastic tubing, and small wheels.


He shaped the “car” with the pieces of tubing, curved and taped together.

porsche3It’s amazing what you can make with such simple materials.

The car would be powered by bicycle mechanisms hidden under the hood.


This is the model he was basing his creation on.
porsche6He added functional brake lights.



And headlights as well.


He transformed the bicycle tires with tape and tubing, to look as if they had rims.


Then, he gave the faux Porsche a shiny metallic finish.


It has a top speed of 5mph.


It might not perform on the road, but it LOOKS great.

The “car” is street legal, too. Since it’s powered by cycling, it’s considered a bicycle (even though to passers by it seems like a high-powered luxury vehicle). Hopefully Johannes stays off the road, though, because a collision with this car wouldn’t end well.To see it in action, watch the video below:

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Faking it until you make it is a legitimate strategy… at least if you can built a nearly perfect Porsche out of cardboard. Share Johannes awesome creation, it’s too cool not to.

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