Ad Showing Gay Parents And Mixed Race Families Receives Hateful Comments. This Is How They Responded…

As families become more diverse, advertisers are starting to reflect that emerging reality in television commercials. That’s not always going over well with some viewers. Graham cracker maker Honey Maid received a flood of negative comments over its recent “This Is Wholesome” ad spot, which featured gay and mixed-race parents.

The ad showed images like this:


And this:

cute-biracial-couple-kids-babyBut some people were offended and found it in bad taste. They wanted Honey Maid to stop showing the ad:


The advocacy group One Million Moms said its members were “highly offended” by HoneyMaid’s “disrespect of millions of American families by supporting the homosexual agenda.” The American Decency Organization, compared the company to Satan.

So the company decided to respond in a simple — but totally heartwarming — way:

Honey Maid: Love

We made a commercial about what makes families, family. And we received a lot of comments. See what we did with them.

Public reaction to Honey Maid’s response has been overwhelmingly positive, with some consumers writing on Facebook that they planned to switch to the brand or would start buying the crackers.
“What a remarkably positive way to respond to such negative expression,” one consumer wrote. Another added, “I am shocked to know you guys received ten times the amount of positive comments as negative comments… this almost makes me happier than your incredible commercial in the first place. Faith in humanity = restored.”
We agree…faith in humanity is restored. Share this amazing story with others.


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