There’s A Secret Island Where Wild Pigs Swim With Humans…And You Must Go There NOW

You’ve probably thought about swimming with dolphins, tropical fish or maybe even sharks, if you’re daring. However, you likely haven’t thought about sharing the water with pigs. Am I right? Well, pigs may not fly yet, but they sure do swim at Pig Island in the Bahamas. Also known as Big Major Cay Island, this island is home to the most adorable, friendliest and happiest pigs in the world. Run on the beach with them, swim with them, do whatever you want…well, except for have them for breakfast in the morning. 

There exists on this humble planet a place where humans and wild pigs can frolic on a tropical beach together.


It’s on Big Major Cay island in the Bahamas. Happy pigs swim and run on this beach, giving it the nickname Pig Beach or Pig Island.


I’d like to give it the nickname “Heaven.” The pigs are very enthusiastic about receiving snacks from humans.


It’s pretty much their favorite thing.


In return, though, people are given the unbelievable honor of swimming with them…


And gazing upon their incredible cuteness and marveling at their glorious swimming skills. No one knows for sure how the pigs ended up on the island. There’s rumors of shipwrecks, voluntary migrations, and farm escapes.


One thing is 100% decided-upon, though: these little porkers are adorable, and they’re here to stay! Just look at that little guy swimming with a sting ray! Amazing.


There’s nothing better than this sight.


Just in case you don’t believe that the photos are real, here’s a video of this wonderful place.

Swimming Pigs & Piglets in Exuma Bahamas

Watch the swimming pigs & piglets in the turquoise waters of Great Exuma

It’s definitely official: there is no better combination than adorable pigs and a tropical island with white sandy beaches. So, I don’t know about you, but my bags are packed and I’m ready to go.

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