This Dog Was Raised By Cats And Acts Exactly Like A Cat. I’m Not Kidding And Yes It’s That Adorable

This Malamute mixed breed is one of the most unique dogs in the world… because she doesn’t act like a dog at all. This little girl is named Tally, and she is more cat than she is dog.

She loves sunbathing, she doesn’t bark and most of her mannerisms are just downright catlike. That’s because this pretty girl was raised alongside cats as a puppy and some of their more adorable habits rubbed off on her.

As a puppy, Tally was raised alongside cats. This photo is the one that made her famous, but that was just the beginning.

You can totally tell.
2-rscv0t8This is one of her many cat poses.
02-PaPcDmKHer current owners adopted her when she was 2 years old.
Her cat-like ways had already set in.
05-fwJMwTsTally loves her box…
06-YaqgcwFBut she loves being around her owners even more.
Even if she is just waiting to steal some food.
16-VBahtT4She’ll even sleep around her owners, just to be close.
28-Bi8PLlnIn a variety of adorable poses.
32-iRdzeB3Just. So. Cute.
35-vhtM3GNShe is a beautiful cat-dog.
44-IEEXmUbAnd there are very few dogs like her.
Some of her favorite habits are sunbathing and lying in the window sill, “observing people and silently judging them all day.” Cat identity confirmed.tally-husky-dog-raised-by-cats-8

Source: Reddit

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