20 Kids Who Are Totally Winning At The Game Of Hide-And-Seek

The children on this list are true hide-and-seek champions. They are quick as the wind and as silent as shadows, capable of hiding in plain sight. Or at least that’s what they seem to think.

If you ever played hide-and-seek in your early childhood, you were probably no better than these hide-and-seek masters. Until around 7 years of age, most children are not yet sufficiently cognitively developed to be able to take another individual’s perspective into consideration. Therefore, when they close or block their eyes, not only can they not see anything, but they think that nobody else can see anything either.

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Although they might be narcissistic egomaniacs, these kids are still pretty darned cute, which is why we still love to play hide-and-seek with them.

via: twentytwowords.com

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