This Runner Had A Painful Fall. Then She Stunned The Entire Crowd By Doing This

Runner Heather Dorniden was leading this 600 meter race with one lap to go when suddenly, she tripped and fell to last place.

Most people would have given up and accepted their misfortune. This wasn’t just any race – it was the finals of a college championship against some of the best runners in the nation. But Heather didn’t quit. What she did next shook the entire crowd, and you’re about to see why.

[youtube id=”xjejTQdK5OI”]

If we simply accept everything life throws at us, we can never achieve any important goals. As an 8 time All-American, Heather is the most decorated runner in University of Minnesota history. Much of her success can be attributed not to talent, but to an unwillingness to quit even when the cards were stacked against her.

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