Body Painting Done Right: 17 Examples of Amazing Mind-Blowing Body Paint Art

Body painting is becoming increasingly popular and used in various commercial and mainstream activities, i.e. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. The art of body painting has diversified so much, as to have its own sub-categories, ranging over traditional body painting, fashion body painting, fine body painting and even graffiti on the body. The shared trait of all body painting styles is that they use the body as a canvas, emphasizing the transforming potential of the human skin.

Take a look at some these notable art works by artists Natalie Fletcher, Ray Massey, and Johannes Stötter to name a few.


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body-paint-done-right-16 body-paint-done-right-17 SONY DSC body-paint-done-right-20 body-paint-done-right-22 body-paint-done-right-23 body-paint-done-right-25 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? body-paint-done-right-31 body-paint-done-right-32


Maybe this will inspire you to create some body art of your own. If not, share these images so everyone else can see how amazing and life-like body art can look.

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