Andrea Minini Creates Incredible Illustrations of Animals with Moiré Patterns

Milan-based designer Andrea Minini is currently debuting a brand new art collection, which consists of illustrated animals in moiré patterns. This series of beautiful illustrations started off as a way to experiment with design, complex shapes and to create depth. He wanted to do so by using a few lines. So, he decided to bring in some help – Adobe Illustrator. What he created is beyond imaginable.

The moiré patterns that he was able to create showed incredible depth when lines overlapped.


By using a few very simple lines, Minini has been able to take familiar wildlife…


And turn them into marvelous pieces of abstract art that offer a breathtaking intensity and elegant fluidity.


As lines become dense and thicker, the image begins to quickly take form into necessary depths of darkness…


While thinned, stretched lines quickly create a lighter, open image.


When combined, the desired visual effect that the Minini was after is fully created.



You can see more from this series over on Behance

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