What Happens When A Mugger Randomly Sees His Victim On Facebook? Not What You’d Expect

Over thirty years ago, a man mugged another man for his bus pass on the steps of the Museum of Natural History. Now, because of Facebook, the thief (who was promptly arrested when the crime initially occurred) finally got the chance to apologize. Your heart will smile after seeing this.

When this New York bagel store was shutting down, this photo was posted to Facebook. Both men involved in the NYC mugging commented on this picture.

This is Michael Goodman. Over 30 years ago, he stole the bus pass of a man he didn’t know. He still regrets his crime.
robberThis is Claude Soffel, the victim of the mugging. He commented on the store’s closing… and Michael recognized him.
robber2Claude’s post read, “2 AM, 2 salt bagels and a night cap at the Dublin House.”
Both men had changed a lot over the years, but Michael still remembered the man he once wronged.
robber6After recognizing Claude, Michael took the opportunity to introduce himself and apologize for the crimes he committed against the man.
robber7Claude even replied to the comment, accepting his apology.
Michael wrote again, thankful for the forgiveness.
Who knew that Facebook comments could restore our faith in humanity, instead of destroying it?


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