No One Knew What This Woman Did Until She Died. And Now No One Will Ever Forget It.

This poem is written by an unknown American woman (some say it was Merrill Glass) and it was later illustrated by a Chinese cartoonist with English subtitles. Before this poem was discovered no one knew this woman, but now no one will ever forget her and her passionate love toward her husband.

Check out the poem and cartoon here below:


2-cool-couple-boyfriend-love-story 3-cute-couple-love-story-car 4-cute-couple-love-story-beach
5-cute-couple-love-story-house 6-cute-couple-love-story-cheek 7-cute-couple-love-story-dancing
8-cute-couple-love-story-sad 9-cute-couple-love-story-happy 10-cute-couple-love-story-wedding 11-cute-couple-love-story-pregnant 12-cute-couple-love-story-baby 13-cute-couple-love-story-road 14-cute-couple-love-story-old 16-cute-couple-love-story-eyes 17-cute-couple-love-story-poem 18-cute-couple-love-story-end

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