This Orphaned Kitten Was Rejected By Its Mother. Guess Who Adopted Him?

This tiny tabby with the face of an angel was adopted when its mother abandoned her. She was given the name of Ichimi and is gaining weight steadily through bottle-feeding. Little Ichimi was quickly accepted by one of the furry members of the home, Ponzu the Golden Retriever. The dog has showered Ichimi with love, kisses, and cuddles.

01-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother 02-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-box 03-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-sleeping 04-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-cuddle 05-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-fur 06-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-lick 07-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-looking 08-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-nose 09-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-snooping 10-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-stare 11-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-stretching 12-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-yawn 13-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-reaching 14-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-snow-man 15-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-bite 16-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-Chinese-toy 17-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-antlers 18-cute-kitten-orphan-dog-mother-ChristmasThis pair has become a hit with animal lovers on Instagram, with over 121,000 followers. Visit the page to see more pictures and pass this along to the animal lovers in your life.

Source: Instagram

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