You May Think You Know Why Patrick Stewart Is An Amazing Man, But Here’s The Real Reason

In addition to being an accomplished Shakespearean actor, a sci-fi legend, and a British knight, it turns out Sir Patrick Stewart is also an incredible human being. Stewart often takes the opportunity to speak about his own experiences growing up and why he is so dedicated to the cause of stopping domestic violence. “The people who could do most to improve the situation of so many women and children are in fact men. It’s in our hands to stop violence towards women. I do what I do in my mother’s name because I couldn’t help her then. Now I can.”

When it comes to ending violence against women, Patrick Stewart has a very personal story about why we should “make it so.”

As a child I heard in my home doctors and ambulance men say,’Mrs Stewart, you must have done something to provoke him. Mrs Stewart, it takes two to make an argument.’ Wrong. Wrong. My mother did nothing to provoke that and even if she had, violence is never, ever a choice that a man should make. Ever.


In truth, domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women, doing more damage than car accidents, muggings and rapes combined. One in four women will be the victims of it; nearly three in four people will personally know someone who is. Thirty percent of women who are murdered are killed by their partners. And, hardly a side note, 50% of men who frequently assault their wives also frequently assault their children. Help raise awareness by sharing Patrick Stewart’s story and his awesomeness.

Source: AV Club

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