It Hasn’t Been Watered In 40 Years, But This Plant In A Bottle Is Perfectly Healthy. WHOA.

On Easter Sunday, 1960, David Latimer thought it would be cool to start a garden in a bottle. He filled a 10-gallon container with compost, lowered in a seed with a piece of wire, and gave it about a quarter pint of water before sealing the top. Twelve years later, he watered it once more… but that was the last time. Today, David’s spiderwort plant is still green and healthy in its self-sustaining ecosystem despite having received virtually no outside care for the past forty years.

Now this seems like a plant I could actually keep alive.


David keeps the bottle in the sunlight, allowing it to go through the process of photosynthesis. Moisture contained in the bottle evaporates and then is returned back to the soil for the plant to use.

garden3-620xAs the leaves rot and fall off, they decompose at the plant’s roots, providing essential nutrients for it to survive.

garden2-620xWhile it may not do a whole lot aside from exist, this bottle plant is a fascinating display of the resilience of life.

It’s incredible to think that under the right conditions, even a houseplant could survive for decades without ever needing help from the outside world. I’m interested to see just how long this super plant will hold up, but from the looks of it, it might even outlive me! Nature is just incredible!


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