This Girl’s First Selfie Seemed A Little Superficial. But Then I Saw The Rest

In today’s culture, there is no shortage of people taking a “selfie” photograph. Many times, the tone is overtly sexual and the subject of the photograph wants to show the world just how great they think they are. Other times, selfies can be a genuine way to communicate the circumstances or mood the moment the photograph is taken.

Sophie Starzenski decided to take a selfie one morning. When you see what she did with hers… you’ll be blown away.

You may think this is self-absorbed at first…

02-MdQLZgb 03-5xDFjuC 04-kduWdg9
05-hzGEq8w 06-UH7F4Ej 07-prIlNNW
08-JSWY11h 09-VjrRycKBut really, it was all about someone else.
The title of Sophie’s work is 40 semanas y un espejo (40 weeks and a mirror). She wanted to show the world the beauty and miracle of life in an entirely new way. This photo series may redefine what it is to “take a selfie.” Share her beautiful work with others.

Source: Sophie Starzenski

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