6 Pun Dog Jokes That Will Instantly Brighten Your Day

Redditor lawlissmodia submitted photographs of an Alaskan Klee Kai dog playing with a stuffed toy. And soon after, Pun Dog was born and has graced the internet with animal-themed puns and anticlimactic punchlines. Puns are a special kind of humor which, delivered properly, can make almost anyone smile. But delivered by this cute dog, even the lamest pun still makes me chuckle.


dog-pun-2 dog-pun-3 dog-pun-4
dog-pun-5And, finally…wait for it…

dog-pun-6It didn’t take long for this much cuter, self-congratulatory cousin to the Bad Joke Eel, the Anti-Joke Chicken, and the Lame Pun Raccoon to usurp all of their positions as our favorite animal who makes dad jokes. Share the smiles!

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