It’s This 16 Year Old Girls Last Day On Earth. Before Saying Goodbye, Her Friend Did Something Special…

Meeka the dog was 16 years-old when she needed to be put down. It was the right thing to do…she was in a lot of pain. So, her friend decided to give her the most perfect treat before saying goodbye.

Meeka had a long and happy life…

And on her last day, her owner gave her a treat she always wanted but could never have: ice cream.
The husky-shepherd mix was a loving companion.
But it was time for her to go play fetch in paradise.

These final moments she spent with her owner were truly special.
Meeka used to be able to bark’I love you’ and she could escape out of anything you could imagine.
After seeing the response on the internet to her post, the owner had something to say back to all of the well-wishers:

Thank you all for the wonderful comments, stories, and comfort you’ve provided. They’ve made me cry, laugh, smile, and wince. I’m so glad I was able to share her last night with all of you, and hopefully that helped you in some way. I also wanted to apologize for making so many of you cry! We often confuse endings with sadness. But, it does not mean it should be a sad/sob story. This is the tale of a happy story: a 16 year old beautiful dog that gave me so many wonderful memories. Now she is able to have a happy end to her life filled with ice cream, instead of discomfort and pain.

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